Working mode


The small size of the law firm provides personal approach. Each client is received by the lawyer to discuss with him/her. Depending on the circumstances of the case and legal options, the client and the lawyer agree on how to address the particular case. In the event of a dispute in court the lawyer represents the client in person at the hearing.


Modern technology, mobility and small size of the law firm allow the lawyer to adapt to the needs of clients. At the request of the client certain services, as for example meetings, consultations, conferences, reviews of documentation, etc. can also be carried out at the client’s, at its headquarters or elsewhere (even abroad). The correspondence can be sent electronically. If specifically agreed, the lawyer is also available outside her office hours.


Law is becoming increasingly interdisciplinary. In order to successfully represent clients, participation of experts in the field of other professions or other fields of law is often required. The lawyer as a specialist in civil law cooperates with various experts, both in legal and other fields, and has experience in the operation in various groups. On request of a client she may be included into an existing group, and in collaboration with the client there may be formed a project team according to a specific case and client needs.


The lawyer is entitled to payment under the applicable Lawyers' Fees (published in the Official Gazette of the RS No. 2/2015), but she can conclude with the client a written agreement on the payment of lawyers' services. In the case of an agreement conclusion, the price depends on the case specific circumstances.