I graduated from the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana in 1991 and two years later I passed the bar exam. I gained the practical experience at the court, with a notary and in the economy. In April 2007, I opened a law firm, and besides my work, I was permanently professionally improved and trained.

Thus, in 2002 I successfully defended my Master's thesis entitled "Protection against Immissions" and obtained the title LL.M. In 2013, I defended my PhD thesis under the title: "The position of a floor owner in the Slovene legal order" obtained the title of Doctor of Laws.

I have extensive experience with the lawyer work. As a civil law specialist, I mostly deal with cases that fall into this area.

Family and friends are my greatest asset. If I can share with them the beauties of nature, the charms of art, and the thrill of travel, everything is much more beautiful.