Legal services are performed especially in the field of civil law, which is vast and diverse. It regulates a number of relationships among individuals. Our services are provided to clients most often in the following fields:

Real Estate Law, Condominium Law

We offer our clients an integrated and professional approach to the regulation of the real estate legal status. This means that the clients are performed a comprehensive legal review of the real estate and we advise them how to resolve various complications with real estate.

We are specialized in the field of condominium ownership - both for procedures related to the arrangement of condominium property and for condominium management.

For clients, we compose documents related to the acquisition and use of real estate (e.g. contracts on the acquisition of real estate, contracts on easements, contracts on the establishment of building titles, lease contracts, contracts of co-ownership break-up, acts of floor ownership Association, etc.).

In disputes concerning real estate we represent clients before the courts (e.g. In the case of property rights protection, border and other neighbourly disputes, disputes over the decedent estate or break-up of the spouses joint property, disputes over residential tenancy relationships, disputes among co-owners, disputes concerning condominium property,  and the like).

Contract Law

Performance, stability and security of relationships, both among physical and among legal entities, are based on regulated contractual relations. We advise our clients in the drafting of various simple contracts, as well as in the drafting of complex contracts (e.g. Investment), where it also takes a lot of cooperation with other actors. During the implementation of the contract, we offer the clients the necessary legal assistance and support. If it is necessary to protect the rights, arising from contracts, to be enforced through the court, we file legal proceedings in favour of the client (filed for enforcement or action). We also offer legal aid to clients who find themselves before the courts as defendants.

Tort Law

In the field of tort law, there have been created in addition to the previously known (e.g. persons responsibility for road accidents, employers responsibility for damages at work) numerous new fields of tort liability. These are, for example, manufacturers responsibility, responsibility of doctors, liability for environmental interventions, liability of directors and members of supervisory bodies, responsibility for the interventions in personal rights, responsibility in the sports ...). We help our clients protect their interests as if they themselves are victims, as well as in the event should they be liable for damages and payment of compensation. We try to get clients to agree on compensation for damage and make a friendly settlement. Sometimes a friendly solution is not possible and it is necessary that a court decides on the matter. In such cases, we represent the client in proceedings before the courts and we provide professional assistance and support.

We also offer assistance to clients if they have difficulties in proceedings when they are opposed by various authorities and need protection of their rights. It all falls under


In the field of administrative law, we provide legal services, especially in court proceedings before the Administrative Court of the Republic of Slovenia. When the administrative body at the second instance rejects the appeal, the party can seek justice before the court - with a lawsuit. In these disputes, we represent the parties most often in relation to tax proceedings.